Content production for the Campinas Region Portal | Innovative Campinas Forum Foundation and Linkages

THE Campinas Region Portal is a dissemination, communication and decision support tool in Campinas. With the objective of attracting investments, it is promoted by Campinas Innovative Forum Foundation (FFCi).

The Portal's structuring began in 2016. At that time, our consultants worked on defining concepts and content viability. Mainly with regard to the availability and quality of the portal's databases and tools. 

Since then, it has become a reference in the dissemination of news, events and opportunities in the region. According to historical data, the Campinas Region Portal already has more than 10,000 articles published. It covers topics such as economics, technology, education, health and culture.

In addition, the portal has a wide data base of companies, institutions and professionals in the region. In this way, it becomes an important source of information for those seeking connections and business in the region.

The Campinas Region Portal is, therefore, a fundamental platform for strengthening the business community and for the economic development of the region.

Together with the entity, we identify the indicators and initial contents, as well as the functionalities and indication of ways to integrate with social networks. After the work carried out and appreciated by the Board of Fundação Fórum Campinas Inovadora, our team carried out the necessary actions for the development of the first online version of the Portal. 

In this way, the Links contributed to the initial construction of the project. Both in the technical area of content and in the area of Communication with the creation of the website and the integration of social networks.