Case Dupeixe – Mapping in practice

Diversos pescados posicionados sobre o gelo.

In 2022, Linkages completed yet another challenge: Execute the potential mapping market in the city of Campinas, for the dufish, a market-entry platform that connects fish sellers and buyers at different points in the trade chain. The main objective of this analysis was to identify the particularities of the market and generate business opportunities for Dupeixe. For this, Linkages elaborated a custom report, containing data, ideas and directions for the investor group. 

The mapping process:


To begin with, it was first necessary to understand the business model that Dupeixe would have. For this, we mapped from beginning to end the flow of the fish chain in the city of Campinas, city chosen as a test. Using public and private sources for research, we discovered the characteristics of several companies active in fisheries, aquaculture, distributors and retailers (suppliers), as well as location and market size. We also studied restaurants and catering services (buyers). And on this occasion, we focused even more on business of small and medium size.

Thus, we were able to assemble a map, including all market segments – producers, fishermen, industries, international trade, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, catering and foodservice.

And highlighting those with greater relevance and potential for interest in the Dupeixe platform. But the survey went beyond the city of Campinas, as some nearby cities are directly related to commerce in Campinas.  

In the course of the research, we discovered interesting data, such as:

The Brazilian consumes an average of 9 kg to 10 kg of fish per year. And, in the state of São Paulo, a person spends on average R$298 on monthly food, which represents 12% of income. 

The report that Linkages put together for the Dupeixe Platform contains a rationale to be followed, helping the reader through graphics, contrasts, and visual resources. Thus, the complex data that were collected can be more easily assimilated, and, consequently, actively used for decision making. 

We also put suggestions and referrals in the "Next steps", to guide investors from our own interpretations of the insights. 

For the future and permanence of any business: Market mapping. 


We are increasingly in the presence of crowded and competitive markets, due to the advancement of technology in all segments. Linkages understands market mapping as a sine qua non condition to, at least, remain active, and, of course, scale your business. 

Any attempt at a business plan without mapping and analysis can be translated as more dangerous, as it is usually less assertive in the offer, and with signs of amateurism.  

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