More knowledge and competitiveness to leverage your business! Our mappings present the complete panorama of your market, delivering adequate indicators and insights for your decision making.


Target Audience

Identify your target audience's location and profile. Based on business modeling, our team seeks strategic information to boost your sales and strengthen your brand. Our methodology covers the spatial distribution of the target audience by municipality or neighborhood, in addition to income classification and other useful indicators for decision-making.


Keep an eye on your main competitors. The Linkages team finds its direct and indirect competitors by building a radar of information relevant to your business strategy. Our methodology includes the use of geomarketing techniques checking strategic points, market radius analysis, market share and production chain, among others.


Track the price charged by players in your market. The Linkages team is prepared to raise the prices of products and services (online and offline) and establish the average practiced by its main competitors in a time frame. Our methodology foresees the periodic updating of the average prices through customized projects, contributing to your pricing and communication strategy.

Location Strategy 

Find the ideal location for your venture. Linkages mapping is done through the spatial analysis of potential locations for the installation of your commercial point. We map territorialized data such as main routes, population in the operating range, presence of competition, among other spatial and economic attributes. Our Geomarketing techniques contribute to a reliable analysis, contributing to the validation of the location of a new business.

franchise expansion

Expand your franchise safely! We are associated with ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association) and we use intelligence from geolocated data to find the best commercial points for the installation of new units. Through Geomarketing techniques, we map the territory and analyze reliable data to define the best cost benefit and highest return on investment.