Our Technology

To further innovate, we are automating our data collection and analysis processes!

Our technology will track the main databases in a methodical and automated way, delivering reliable indicators, ready to be analyzed. With this, we guarantee the agility and reliability of our deliveries!

Linkages Lab

Our laboratory in Unicamp Science and Technology Park it is the home that houses the Linkages team and manages the development of our technology.

We contribute to the R&D sector in a regional ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation that only grows in Campinas!

Linkages offers guidance, as well as our blue arrow, which in cartography represents the True North, we will be your guides and show you the right path that your company should follow to grow and communicate with the world.

The arrow towards True North is composed of numerous triangles that together form a network. In this way, Linkages is formed. Through the union and interaction with our customers, we create strong links that together take us further, connected towards success.

ecosystem map

Meet the actors and communities that interact in the regional ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Campinas region!