Netflix – How good social media management can help you

 📱 You probably already know that in the digital world it's vital to have social media management. Thus, a brand can be found and recognized by people.

So if you don't know how to start putting your brand on the networks, analyzing how other companies manage their profiles is a great strategy.

What are the benefits of good social media management for your company?


  • Expanded audience reach: It allows companies to reach a wider and more diverse audience, unlike other forms of communication.
  • Interaction with the audience: It ensures a more direct and interactive relationship with the public, which can lead to greater customer loyalty.
  • Improving the brand image: Companies can present their brand in a positive light and build a strong image.
  • Data analysis and insights: They provide valuable insights into audiences and trends. This can be used to improve the company's marketing strategy.
  • Low investment cost: It is a low cost form of marketing. That is, companies can increase their online presence without spending a lot of money.

Case Netflix


In this sense, we will analyze how the Netflix, who was engagement leader in 2020, manages social networks. 

🖊️ On all its social media, Netflix features agility and personality. It has well-defined communication strategies to get closer to its consumer. In this way, speaking the same language as the customer, using different approaches in different channels, increases their engagement. 

🎥 On Facebook and Instagram, Netflix connects the fictional world of its series to the customer's daily life, bringing the consumer's everyday life to the posts. At the same time, showing behind the scenes of the recordings is another strategy that the brand uses, as well as videos of interviews with the actors.

👤 On Twitter, the profile has many daily interactions, always with a language aimed at its target audience: relaxed young people. From the use of current memes, for example.

In addition to Facebook, it is on this social network that Netflix also responds and answers questions, providing support to the consumer, always willing to solve the customer's problem.

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